Because most dive sites in Galapagos have currents, surge and offer not the easiest of diving conditions, it is a good idea to obtain dive insurance for your Galapagos diving adventure.  Emergency medical evacuation and use of a hyperbaric chamber can cost tens of thousands of dollars.  We strongly recommend you be safe and obtain the right insurance program for your diving trip.


• Island-based Diving Trips: Dive insurance is optional, but highly recommended.



• Liveaboard Diving Trips: Dive insurance is obligatory for all.


We offer Diving Insurance through Dive Assure, which offers the best diving accident and dive-travel coverage through its relationship with Duke, including the Diamond and the DDM Package.   You can choose between their 3 coverage programs:


• Gold: Basic diving accident protection.


• Platinum: Supreme diving accident protection with basic trip protection.


• Diamond: ‘All-in-one’ dive medical and dive travel program. The Diamond is available in Single or Multi-trip versions and provides higher annual diving accident limits combined with comprehensive trip protection, designed specifically for diving vacations.


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