Galapagos Scuba Diving Sites are - with few exceptions around Puerto Ayora and Puerto Baquerizo - only for intermediate or experienced divers.


Diving Conditions in Galapagos:

• The water generally is cold and you require thick wetsuits with lots of buoyancy

• There are strong currents, surge and eddies underwater

• There are waves on the surface

• The rocks you want to hang on are sharp volcanic tuff

• There is only one decompression chamber in Galapagos, located in Puerto Ayora

Diving Certification Required for Island-Based Diving Trips:

• At least an Open-Water Dive Certification

Diving Certification For Liveaboard Diving Trips:


• At least an Advanced Open Water Dive Certification



Safety always comes first!

We will require the following information from all divers to determine the best dive sites for your interests and skill level:

• Your diving license (level and training agency)

• Current number of dives made to date

• Date and location of your last dive

• Experience with drift and wall diving

• Experience diving in cold water and with thick wetsuits

• What do you want to see while diving in the Galapagos.

With this information, Galapagos Diving can put together a suitable program for you and provide you with the diving adventure of a lifetime.