Here is a list of some of the more commonly seen marine species when diving in Galapagos.

Click on each group to scroll down to that group or click on each individual species to see an image of it and a detailed description.


Sharks & Rays Whales, Dolphins & Sea Lions
Birds & Reptiles
Eels, Seahorses & Trumpetfishes
Snapper, Grunts & Sea Chubs Mullets, Sea Bass, Groupers & Jacks
Butterflyfishes & Angelfishes Damselfish, Hawkfish and Wrasses
Lizardfishes, Blennies & Gobys
Surgeonfishes & Scorpionfishes
Triggerfish, Puffers & Porcupinefish
Flounder, Boxfish & Batfish
Corals, Gorgonians & Seafans
Worms & Molluscs Sea Stars, Urchins & Sea Cucumbers
Lobsters & Crabs



Sharks & Rays
Heterodontus Gnoyi Port Jackson Shark
Carcharhinus Galapagensis Galapagos Shark
C. Limbatus Black-tipped Reef Shark
Triaenodon Obesus White-tipped Reef Shark
Sphyrna Lewini Scalloped Hammerhead Shark                    
Rhiniodon Typus Whale Shark
Aetobatus Narinari Spotted Eagle Ray
Urotrygon Spp Round Sting Ray
Manta Birostris Manta Ray
Rhinoptera Steindachneri Cow-nosed Ray
Whales, Dolphins & Sea Lions
Tursiops spp
Bottlenose Dolphin
Delphinus delphis Common Dolphin
Pseudorca crassidens False Orca
Orcinus orca Orca
Globicephalbicacroryhncus Pilot Whale
Physeter macrocephalus Sperm Whale
Balaenoptera borealis Sei Whale
B edeni Brydes Whale
Megaptera novaeanglias Humpback Whale
Zalophsus californicus California Sea Lion
Arctocephalus galapagoensis Galapagos Fur Seal
Birds & Reptiles
Nannopterum harrisi Flightless Cormorant
Spheniscus mendiculus Galapagos Penguin
Chelonia mydas agazii East Pacific Green Sea Turtle
Amblyrynchus cristatas Galapagos Marine Iguana
Eels, Seahorseseahd Trumpetfishes
Gymonothorax Dovii Fine Spotted Moray
Echidna Zebra Zebra Moray
Taenioconger Klausewitzi Garden Eel
Hippocampus Ingens Pacific Seahorse
Aulostomus Chinensis Trumpetfish (gold & brown)

Mullets, Sea Bass, Groupers & Jacks
Mugli Cephalus Rammelsbergi Yellowtail mullet
Epinephelus Dermatolepis Leatherbass
E. Labriformis Flag Cabrilla
Mycteroperca Olfax Bacalao
Paralabrax Albomaculatus Camotillo
S3Ceola Rivoliana Amberjack
Caranx Sexfaciatus Pacific Jack
Trachinotus Stilbe Pampano

Snapper, Grunts & Sea Chubs
Lutjanus Viridis Blue and Gold Snapper
L. Argentiventus

Yellow Tailed (or red) Snapper

Anistotremus interruptus Yellow Tailed Grunt
Kyphosus Elegans Cortez Chub
Sectator Ocyutus Sea Chub
Butterflyfishes and Angelfishes
Chaetodon humeralis Threebanded butterfly
C Falcifer Scythe-marked butterfly
Heniochus Nigrirostris Barberfish (cleaner)
King Angelfish
Damselfish, Hawkfish and Wrasses
Abudefduf tsochelii Panamic Sargent Major
Microspathodon Bairdii Bumphead Damsel
Nexiosus Latifrans Rusty Damselfish
Stegastes acrifrons Yellow-tail Damsel
S. Leucrorus Beebei White-tail Damsel
Cirrhitus Rivulatus Hieroglyphic Hawkfish
Oxycirrhites Typus Longnose Hawkfish
Bodianus eclancheri Galapagos Harlequin
B. diplotaeria Streamer or Mexican Hogfish
Thalassoma lucasanum Rainbow Wrasse
T. Lutescens Sunset Wrasse
Scarus Perrico Bumphead Parrotfish
S. Ghobban Bluechin Parrotfish
S. Compressus Azure Parrotfish
S. rubroviolaceus Bicolor Parrotfish
Nocholsina denticulata Loosetooth Parrotfish
Lizardfishes, Blennies & Gobys
Synodus Lacertinus Lizardfish
Ophioblennius steindachneri Large-banded Blenny
lythrypnus Gilberti Blue-banded Goby
Surgeonfishes & Scorpionfishes
Acanthurus glaucopareius Goldrimmed Surgeonfish
Prionurus laticlavius Yellow-tailed Surgeonfish
Zanclus Cornutus Moorish Idol
Scorpaena Mustes Stone Scorpionfish%3pan1--3E-->
Triggerfish, Puffers and Porcupinefishes
Sufflamen verres Yellow-bellied Trigger
Melichthys niger Black Durgon Trigger
Pseudobalistes naufragium Blunthead Trigger
Xanthichtys mento Redtail Trigger
Sphoeroides annulatus Concentric (or Bullseye) Puffer
Sphoeroides lobatus Longnose Puffer
Sphoeroides angusticeps Galapagos Puffer
Arthron hispidus Stripebelly Puffer
Arothron muleagris Guineafowl Puffer
Canthigaster punctatissima Spotted Sharpnose Puffer
Canthigaster janthinoptera Honeycomb Puffer
Cyclichthys spilostylus Yellowspotted Burrfish
Chilomycterus reticulatus Spotfin Burrfish
Diodon hystrix
Diodon Holocanthus Balloonfish
Flounder, Boxfishes & Batfish
Bothius coustellatus Lefteye Flounder
Ostracion Meleagris Pacific Boxfish
Ogcocephalus darwini Red Lipped Batfish
Corals, ralrgonians & Seafans
Pocillopora sp Cauliflower Coral
Pavona spp Leaf Coral
Tubastrea Coccinea Orange Cup Coral
Muricae sp Robust Gorgonian
Eugorigia Ampla <="text-align: left;">Yellow Gorgonian
Pacifigorgia sp Yellow Seafan
Antipa3EAs ipaapagagensis Black Coral

Worms & Molluscs
Sprirobranchus sp Christmas Tree Anemone
Bispira Sp Fan Worms
Muricanthus Murex
Fasciolaria Tulip
Octopus sp Octopus

Lobsters & Crabs
Panulirus Penicillatus Red Spiny Lobster
Panulirus Inglatus Blue Spiny Lobster
Evibacus Princeps Slippery Lobster
Gapsus Grapsus Sally Lightfoot Crab

Sea Stars, Urchins & Sea Cucumbers
Linckia Columbiae Fragile Seastar
Acanthastersp Pinky Spiny Star
Pharia Pyramidata Yellow Spotted Star
Phataria Unifascialis Tan Star, Blue Star
Preaster Occidentalis Gulf Star
Eucidaris Thouarsii Thick Spine Pencil Urchin
Toxopneustes Roseus Rose, Pink, or Flower Urchin
Tripneustes Depressus White or Brown Urchin
Centrostephanus Coronatus Black Urchin
Diadema Mexicanus Banded Black Urchin
Holothuria spp Black Cucumber
Isostichopus spp Yellow Spotted Green